Poker drawing to the nuts

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The best hand that can theoretically be made given the board cards at a particular point in the game, regardless of players' actual hole cards. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Example: If the flop is Kc-Qc-7s, the nuts at that point would be three of a kind Kings using the King on the board and two pocket Kings.

What's the Nuts? - Poker Beginners Guide - The Hendon Mob In poker, the best possible hand for any arrangement of cards is known as the 'nuts'. Sometimes you will be fortunate enough to hold the nut hand after all the ... Poker Odds: How to play a flush draw | Poker School | Paul Phua Poker Odds Tips: How to play a flush draw (using your own “time machine”) ... You will likely take all their money if you hit your nut flush – thus being paid ... Triple Draw 2-7 Lowball - Play Deuce to Seven Triple Draw Lowball ...

Flopping the nuts during a poker game or tournament is very rare. When the opportunity does arise, though, it is vital that you get as much money in the pot asYou also need to be aware your opponent may have a better draw. And even though you have the nuts you can still possibly loose the hand.

Omaha Hi Strategy – The Best Tips for Beginners! The golden rule for drawing in PLO is the more opponents in a hand, the more you should be drawing to the absolute nuts. In Hold’em you get two basic draws, flushes and straights. In Omaha you have the same draws but, because each player gets 4 cards to

"The Nuts" ..... what exactly does it mean?

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The nuts is a common poker term for the best possible hand.The term has particular significance in variants of poker that use community (board) cards, such as Hold 'em and Omaha, since the possible number of hands a player can have is limited, and it's usually easy to determine what the best possible hand would be based on the board.In draw games, where all cards are concealed, the nuts is

The best possible hand at any point of the game. A hand that cannot be beat.